10 S3x Facts You Must Know

10 Sex Facts You Must Know

10 Sex Facts You Must Know

Orgasms are 10 times more effective than medicine when it comes to relieving a migraine. The Italian method: The art of putting a condom on a guy with your mouth.

Weight loss increases the size of penis. 1 inch for every 35 pounds lost.

Sex can instantly boost & improve your mental stamina as well as strengthen the human heart.

Women who utilize vibrators tend to be less depressed & have healthier sex lives.

A real orgasm is said to burn 112 calories. A fake orgasm is said to burn off 315.

In 2004 Lisa Sparxxx, an American porn star, had sex with 919 different guys in a single day, setting a world record.

A medical study suggest that ppl who have sex once or twice a week have a healthier immune system.

Sex helps fight against asthma whiles Soda decreases sperm count.

Semen strengthens a woman’s teeth & gums, reducing risk of tooth decay by 40%.