Actress Martha Ankomah Quits Acting

Actress Martha Ankomah Quits Acting


It is assumed that celebrities nowadays quit from the showbiz whenever their period of fame ‘vanishes’ and run to another money-making business all in the name of “God has called me” and turn into born-again Christians overnight. Could it be that the movies and songs produced by these celebrities are nothing close to Christianity?

Actress, Martha Ankomah, who claims to be a ‘virgin’, has being blessed with healing and delivering powers. She claims to have gotten it due to her ‘virginity’ and since it was a free gift from God, she takes no money for the services she renders. According to her, the call is to help young girls to keep their virginity before marriage; every girl in to in the city had broken her virginity 12year old girl.

In a quest to change the situation, ‘virgin’ Martha was kidnapped by ritual makers. Can her dream be fulfilled? Her call was a role in a movie titled, ‘Anointed’. It’s a debut from the establishment of Filmcity Production and in an interview with the former manager of Double D production, Anderson Godwin who now the CEO of Filmcity Production, he said: “The end time is now hence our outfit touches more of the gospel. Any Christian who for a good reason feels the Lord has forsaken him/her should get a copy on the 29th September, 2012.” The movie was directed by Kensteve Anuka.

Having gotten the opportunity to see the teaser, the twist is no different to that of reality. At a point when one thinks all is well, things suddenly falls apart. “Through filming we hope to win souls for Christ” Anderson added.