America's Got Talent Recap: Lights and Psychics - Video  

America’s Got Talent Recap: Lights and Psychics – Video


After watching a man blast himself out of a cannon and then witnessing an overweight pole dancer on America’s Got Talent, one thing became painfully evident last night:

A high level of strange was featured throughout day two in Austin. Read through our previous AGT recap for all the acts from opening night here and then get caught up with the latest below…


Aurora light Painting – First a sand artist, now light artists? The leader claimed to live in a commune which probably was the first question mark popping up in my head, his hair was the second. The performance was interesting, but it reminded me of the Disney Channel promotions where the actors would wave the mouse ear shape with their magic wand. The obvious point was that this really seems like a really artistic telestrator.

Eric & Olivia – The non-daters from the University of Texas had a cute vibe together but it really was Olivia’s voice that was the winner. She had great jazz-soul diction. Once in a while it got a bit too froggy, but I think with the right arrangements the duo would be great. I’m shocked that Howie said no because there’s a lot of potential in this act.

Watch video here