Discovery Channel promotes illegal mining in Ghana – Jungle Gold

jungle gold

Discovery Channel promotes illegal mining in Ghana – Jungle Gold

jungle gold(XnewsCenter) The Discovery Channel is airing a disturbing reality show called Jungle Gold.

This show follows 3 Americans on a desperate mission to get out of debt by engaging in ‘Galamsey’ illegal mining in Ghana.

This manual form of mining that George Wright, Scott Lomu and Travis Fotheringham are involved is illegal, dangerous and extremely harmful to the environment. I watched in disbelief as Mercury was used to sift through the soil and a local farmer was attacked for trying to protect his cocoa farm.

Reports from Ghana indicate that local authorities and the chiefs have been bribed so they turn a blind eye to this. Illegal mining is so lucrative that the Chinese have migrated to Ghana to loot the land off its gold. They openly patrol parts of the area with rifles.

They intimidate the locals and destroy acres of arable land to find nuggets of Gold. According to Discovery, this is the second trip for the 3 Utahns. Their first expedition resulted in $300,000 worth of gold, so they have returned to compete with the Chinese to gain access to more land and more gold.

We all need our government and local authorities to help us find out how George Wright, Scott Lomu, Travis Fotheringham and a Liberian Victor Kpah, got the licence to mine in Romaso. Who granted them a permit to film this Reality Show which depicts Ghana as a lawless jungle.

Watch some excerpts of the video below