Engineers Introduce The Worlds First Folding Car (Photo + Video)



Did you ever think you’d see a folding car?

Well, meet the Hiriko, the world’s first folding electric car. While it’s not quite as awesome as George Jetson’s flying spaceship car that folded up into a briefcase, the Hiriko is still pretty impressive.

Engineers at MIT have been developing the concept for years and have even released a handful of half-size models. But this week in Brussels, they finally announced that they’re ready to begin testing full-size versions of the vehicle. And of course, they had an actual, full-size version of the Hiriko on hand to show reporters.

So where does the car fold up? See for yourself in this video:

If you do want to buy one for yourself, you’ll have to wait a little longer. However, the price should be pretty reasonable. (How does $12,500 sound?)

[via Gizmodo]