EXPOSED: This Guy Is Deliberately Spreading HIV/AIDS To Girls In Legon & Accra Poly .. Girls, You Are WARNED!

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best kama sutra positionsIt’s sad how these days Ghanaian girls especially the students will do anything for money, hoping from one bed to another has become a norm amongst girls in the various universities. They do this to come and show-off to their colleagues about how they are getting money, buy Brazilian wigs and throw expensive birthday parties. This is not a hear say, this is based on our own research.

News reaching us from a confirmed source has it that, there is a  girl with the name Millicent Obeng-Osei on Facebook who is a Ghanaian living in the USA and all this girl does is connect girls to one guy named KELVIN who is HIV AIDS positive and this guy will pay anything from 500-800USD to have sleep with them and share the dreadful disease with them.

Our source tells us that, many ladies have fallen victim to this evilness all because of money. And most of the victims are from University Of Ghana, Legon and Accra polytechnic girls.

We are therefore pleading with our girls, especially the money-conscious girls, that if you have slept with this guy or have any contact with this guy or girl, just go and get checked up ASAP, if you are still in touch with him, put a stop to it ASAP before it’s too late. No amount of money is worth a human being’s life.

The truth is, it’s not just the guy, there are so many names involved in this crime. Just be careful who you deal with. A word to the wise is enough.