Funny And Interesting Facts About Testicles

  • During foreplay, lick softly, blow gently and above all don’t bite! Be sure to alternate testicles as some men feel more sensation in one or the other. Blow air in the “Wallet Zone” — where the scrotum rests against his upper thighs. A few puffs there and you’ll take his breath away.(got to try that ladies…)
  • Testicles hang outside of the body because the ideal temperature for sperm production is one to two degrees lower than typical body temperature. When the boys get cold, they snuggle up closer to the body. When they’re hot, they hang lower than chains…
  • Testicles are responsible for babies and inappropriate behavior. Testicles do two things: manufacture sperm and create testosterone. Depending how high or low it is, a man’s testosterone level explains macho characteristics like muscle mass, facial hair and — you guessed it — those hurtful comments…lol. so blame your father for those stuffs not your innocent mother
  • You Can Tell When he’s going to Orgasm by Looking at His Testicles. Testicles elevate just before ejaculation and actually make direct contact with the body at the moment of truth. Interestingly, in approximately 85 percent of men the right testicle rises before the left one. At least partial elevation has to happen.
  • Try a cool experiment. Next time your guy is naked, lightly stroke the inner portion of your partner’s upper thigh with cold hands or a cool object and watch his testicles contract from the touch. This automatic male response is called the “cremasteric reflex,” and is designed to keep the boys out of harm’s way. When the “threat” is over, the testicles will come back to whatever position they feel safe in. quite funny…lol
  • Testicles Can Double In Size During Sex. If he’s having the kind of sex that makes him forget his name(why should you?) his testicles can increase 50 percent in size before orgasm because the arousal fills them with blood. So remember — double the pleasure, double the size. Everything na double double…interesting isnt it?
  • Testicles don’t have the protection of muscles and bones that most organs have, so they’re particularly vulnerable. A prolonged squeeze can cause a man to black out. A hard strike can sterilize him. While they like a lot of attention during sex, be gentle when you’re handling the family jewels so they’ll have an actual chance of spreading their seed.
  • Why a kick in the groin will make men hold their stomachs? Women have about the same amount of nerve endings in their genitals, but men have more pain receptors. Testicles have nerve endings attached to the stomach — that’s why when men get kicked in the groin they roll around clutching their stomach….Ouch!