I Have A Child Older Than Christiana Love; Pastor Love  

I Have A Child Older Than Christiana Love; Pastor Love


I though their drama was over well clearly it’s not. I don’t know why this pastor in particular has no no shame or whatsoever, well according NEW1Ghana,

The love drama between gospel singer Christiana Love and her yet-to-be-divorced husband, Pastor Love Hammond, will simply not end as the ‘telenovela’ takes new twists and turns by the day.

Pastor Love has come out to categorically deny claims that he was being hauled to an Accra court because he had refused to play the fatherly role in the life of a five-year-old child he had with another woman.

But Pastor Love, who is yet t overcome the troubles he has with his musician wife Christiana Love, told NEWS-ONE that the only child he had outside marriage was a grown up daughter who was even older than Christiana Love.

“Christiana knows I have a daughter before we got married and that is the only child I have outside marriage. It was before marriage and as I said she is an adult and older than Christiana so how can that adult daughter now be presented as a five-year-old boy,” Pastor Love said.

The allegation was first put out by a UK-based journalist, Kwame Frimpong, in an interview with Happy FM, an Accra-based radio station.

Kwame Frimpong told Nyansaboakwa, the host of Happy FM’s morning show that Pastor Love was being dragged to court for failing to fulfill his fatherly responsibilities.

The pastor said he had no idea where the allegation of having a five-year-old son was coming from and the motive of the persons spreading the story about him.

“I leave them to God. I don’t want to talk about this matter again because anything I say gets twisted by the same journalists who pushed me to talk. I would not sue the person making this allegation, I would just leave you journalists to God,” Pastor Love noted.

Pastor Love and Christiana Love recently levelled wild allegations against each other and it became clear that their marriage was heading for the rocks.

While Pastor Love alleged that Christiana was having a secret extramarital affair, Christiana accused her husband of rape, theft, incest, murder, idolatry and a litany of unprintable allegations.

The pastor however concluded that the problems he was having with his wife were because of her mother, who had vowed to end the marriage.

When the noise between man and wife died down, Pastor Love, in an interview with NEWS-ONE, denied that he was no longer the legally recognized husband of the award-winning gospel musician, Christiana Love.

Though Christiana is currently not staying under the same roof with Pastor Love, with reports indicating that her family had called for a divorce, the Man of God insists he still remains the legitimate husband of Christiana Love, as recognized by both God and the law.

“When her relations brought the drink to my people that they were no longer interested in the marriage, we did not receive the drink and they sent it back. As I talk now, neither of us has gone to court to seek a divorce so technically we remain husband and wife,” Pastor Love told NEWS-ONE in an interview granted in Twi.

When Pastor Love was asked whether he still loved Christiana and would solve their marriage crisis so as to remain husband and wife, this was his response: “We have three children together and as I said, it has never been her wish to do this if not for her mother. I can’t say I hate her but I am still praying about the challenge and asking God where this would end. God has not told me that it is over between us so I cannot say that I am no longer interested in my wife.”

“When I was about to marry her, I prayed about it and God told me that she is a very good woman but I would face some challenges in the marriage. I did not know that the challenge would be this great. It could be that after this crisis, we would become even closer than we used to and not allow people in between us. It could also mean that we would not come together again but the issue is that as at now, she is still my wife,” Pastor Love noted.