I Was Raped By My Aunt When I Was 13 - Ice Prince  

I Was Raped By My Aunt When I Was 13 – Ice Prince


Taking the music scene by storm with his hit single Oleku and proving to the musical world his song was not a fluke by releasing Superstar, Ice Price as he is popularly called has shared a bitter experience he has all these while kept as secret.

In an exclusive interview with NY DJ of Kapital Radio before talking to the Sunday-Express, the “Oleku Superstar” had his first sexual encounter at age thirteen when was raped by an aunt. “I had my first sexual encounter at 13. It’s something I regret whatever it was. I had this aunty, though we were not related, she was just a neighbor who was  living close to us, who came into my room and slept with me. She just came into my room and just forced me to do it with her. I was so young and innocent and she made me lose my innocence. It wasn’t a sweet experience at all. I was very scared. I saw hell. It was a terrible experience. I am not excited talking about it at all. Sex is not that good. I think sex is overrated”

Ina quest to find out the whereabouts of the rapist, Ice Prince said “The aunt who slept with me is still alive. But I haven’t seen her since then.”

This secret came up when NY DJ asked him his relationship with ladies as a musician and how far he’s dealt with women around him since he rose to stardom.

Audio of this interview will be released soon.