It's Official The Delay Show Banned On TV3. Good or Bad?

It’s Official The Delay Show Banned On TV3. Good or Bad?


It’s Official The Delay Show Banned On TV3. Good or Bad?

Just as i said, I was going to do more poking into this, there seem to be a big fight between the producers of the delay show “Excellencia Ghana Limited” and TV3 Ghana Ltd. No doubt the delay show is awesome everybody likes the way she ask her questions even though sometimes she get out of hand. Well It’s official the show has been banned regardless. Below are statements from both parties.


The CEO’s statement said that TV3 will like to make clear the following:
• Production of delay is an independent production and not produced by TV3 or filmed in ourstudios.
• The producers buy airtime from TV3 .
• The program’s version shown on TV3 that Saturday, March 10, 2012 was edited to conceal the indecent exposure.
• We are taking this issue very seriously and have suspended the program with immediate effect.
• TV3 Network wishes to assure its cherished viewers of our commitment to deliver high quality programming.

Excellencia Ghana Limited (Producers Of The Delay Show)

The attention of Excellencia Ghana Limited, producers of the DELAY celebrity talk show, has been drawn to misleading media reports that Ghanaian musician Wanlov Da Kobolor showed his naked sex organ on television when he appeared as a guest on the DELAY show that was aired on TV 3 last Saturday March 10, 2012.
Excellencia Ghana Limited would want to put on record that though Wanlov truly showed his nakedness during the recording of the DELAY show, the video tape that was submitted to TV3 for airing was censored with the nakedness of the musician completely blurred.

DELAY is a pre-recorded production and TV3 would not have aired the show with the musician’s nakedness not censored and it is regrettable that media reports on the issue have sought to create a false impression that DELAY and TV3 had showed the nakedness of a musician on television.

We call on our colleagues in the media to be truthful in their reportage as the wrong impression being created by the misleading reports is putting the show and tv station in bad light. The leaked video making rounds on some blogs and websites is not what was shown on TV3 andwe very strongly want to put this on record.

We thank the numerous fans that have supported us for the last three years since the DELAY show started airing and we promise to continue to make the show the best celebrity talk show on tv.

Clearly, it’s not going to end here. It’s going to be a long fight. Right now, the name of Wanlov & Delay is on everybody’s lips right now. Do you think it’s fair for the program to be banned or not? Let your comments flow.