Jackie Chan retires from action flicks!


Jackie Chan retires from action flicks!

jackiE CHAN RETIRESProducer Brett Ratner calls Jackie Chan a “superhero” for his determination to perform almost all his own stunts, but at age 58, after 100 films, the superhero says he’s done. Citing age and distress over the world being “too violent,” the seemingly indestructible Chan wants to rebrand himself as a serious actor, the Asian Robert De Niro, as he described it, saying “Day by day, year by year, I’m going to show you the real Jackie Chan.”

We think anyone with the energy run straight up a wall and put a beat-down on a warehouse full of guys deserves a chance to redirect that energy in a dramatic role. The Hong Kong actor has been appearing in films since the 1960s, starting as a stuntman for Bruce Lee films.

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