Joke: Naija Disaster Premiere League  

Joke: Naija Disaster Premiere League


Joke: Naija Disaster Premiere League

The season started with a lot of suprises as FUEL SUBSIDY FC came from relegation to top the table through a powerful shot from the team captain GEJ.

But not so long, the BOKO HARAM FC played desperately, striking powerful shots 4rm all angles and topped d table 4 more than 5 months.

Before we could notice it, the DANA AIRLINE FC fought fiercely, but only topped the league 3 weeks before BOKO HARAM FC decided to go on top again like Barcelona.

In a short time, the FLOOD FC unexpectedly took over the league.

But recently and presently a relegated team ALUU FC a.k.a (uniport ‘four’) came out from nowhere winning all their matches to contend for the top position with FLOOD FC, but FLOOD FC is still leading with goal aggregate.

News reaching us says HIFA (Heavenly International Football Association) has decided to send all these teams to relegation.

May God see to it that these disastrous clubs be relegated permanently and be a thing of the past in Naija.

Zionfelix reporting live for OMG!Ghana SPORT NEWS