Lauren London Breaks Up With Trey Songz After He Refused To Get Her Pregnant


Actress Lauren London and R&B sensation TREY SONGZ have been dating now for nearly TWO years . . . and now we hear, it’s a WRAP.

According to the streets, Trey and Lauren began CASUALLY dating a few months AFTER Lauren gave birth to her son (Lil’ Wayne’s baby). And despite being a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP, the two quickly FELL IN LOVE . . . and were dating HEAVY for the better part of the last two years.

Now the streets are saying that Trey and Lauren are DONE. What happened? Well they say that Lauren wanted to have a CHILD with Trey but Trey felt that he wasn’t ready. So after PUSHING Trey for some time, says the streets, Lauren decided to call it quits.

Dang Trey . . . if you need a shoulder to cry on you can come here boo. And we ain’t trying to have your baby hun . . .