Meet The ‘Next Big Thing’ In GH Hip Hop Finalists  

Meet The ‘Next Big Thing’ In GH Hip Hop Finalists

Stong man and the emcees in hammer's studio

Tee Phlow

Tee Phlow

I am lukeman baidoo aka tee phlow, a 22yr old n a 3rd yr student of Knust reading BSc. Building Technology.   Hobbies are listening to music and dancing (party). Basically he didn’t choose to do hip hop, in the form of jokes he wrote some few lines just to entertain his friends and

later got to know people were really digging his style of rap. From this point he had encouragement from friends’ n family that actually gave him motivation to start doing real business as a rapper. He later decided to do English hip hop style but blending it with fante dialect for his freestyles and again saw progress which came from public interest in his rap

The next big thing in GH has really taught him a lot about hip hop since he happened to have found himself in the industry by chance and luck. For instance the meeting with some of the best hip hop artists who gave them vivid lecture on d principles of hip hop enlightened him more about the rules of hip hop. Aside that after every performance, the experienced judges would point out their weakness and helped them overcome them and now with this great knowledge n experience he feels he can on any challenge in the hip hop industry and impact positively on the future of GH hip hop.

In every man’s life there are good and bad moments. Fortunately, every part of d competition has been good except the day he was called for eviction but was later told it was a faked eviction. He was scared of going home and even after being told it was not a night of eviction, he still could not shake the bad feeling off.

He is the true definition of the next big thing in gh hip hop so Ghanains should vote for him to win the ultimate prize. Shouts to ma family, and my fans in Knust, leg on, Accra n most especially those in Cape coast for supporting me even though they  don’t get access to GhOne tv der. God bless yall.. Peace.


Alfred Ebenezer, who goes by the name Magnificent a 24year old and past student of Nana Osae Djan Primary and J.H.S in Nsawam, Suhum Secondary Technical School, Creative Land School of Film and Media Arts. His hobbies are Yoga, Martial arts, movies and playing guitar
he decided to move into hip hop because he believes he has the attitude, the swag and hip hop is the genre of music he feels comfortable doing. also his decision to do  hip hop is because he wants to take the hip hop aspect of Ghana music to another level. Being part of the competition has given me a lot of confidence and the zeal to pursue music in a more positive way.

Magnificent thinks the future of hip hop in Ghana is so bright because this reality show (the next big thing) has already created a magnificent future for Gh. hip hop with the products   they are bringing out. He is proud of himself so far but the worst day in the competition was the day i missed his lines whiles performing. He wishes to forget this day soon but asks himself why when he thinks about it. However the best day on the competition was the day they came on stage as ministers of the gospel rap. He felt he was touching and transforming the lives of the audience and the viewers at home.

He says Ghanaians should vote for him to become the next big thing in Gh hip hop because he brings good and different hip hop music to them.  Magnificent hip hop music is what i am bringing to the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Nee Nartei Azina-Nartey aka Bebeloino,  23yrs old and a proud former student of St. Theresa’s School, St.Peter’s High School and a  graduate from Central University College (Accounting Option). He loves Rapping, Writing songs, drawing, watching movies and cartoons and also studying human behavior. He chose to be an ambassador of Hip-hop because he wants to always send a message across to draw people’s attention and relate it to his culture. His love for words and literature makes him enjoy the spoken word aspect of hip hop

The next big thing competition has made him understand the importance of versatility and the ability to think under pressure. It has also made him understand that music goes beyond lyrics but also content and crowd appeal. He has grown in terms of stage performance and has developed confidence on how to handle bad situations and move on with his head held up high.

Hip-hop has always had a future in Ghana and the time is now. This time the fever is high and everyone seems to be catching it. The time has come for investors to see the business side of His high moment on the show was when he nailed the rap about Afro centricity and positivism with Political consciousness.

He was happy when he stood out and that’s when the contestants began to realize he was a real threat. His low moment was the vernacular rap which was new to him.  He normally mixes   vernacular in his rap but not entirely and that was a big challenge for him therefore it was no surprise when he failed to impress the judges, the live audience and the audience at home.
He is glad to have learnt from his mistakes and is still strong on his feet.

Ghanaians out there should vote Bebelino to 1758 because I’m a true definition of HIPHOP. I know i have what it takes and since i have a larger fan base now they just can’t wait for me to go live. People i don’t know always give me the thumbs up and respect what i do.

So it feels like this is the time for a true Hip-hop artiste to take over.

I am popularly known as Bebelino the Punchline King. My slogan is “I”m the Crown and i sit on I am the crown and I sit on the king


Vincent Kwaku Osei aka Strongman is a 19 year old student with the University Of Cape Coast loves listening to music and playing football. He is in love with hip hop and trying to contribute his quota to the industry because he decided to go into hip hop even when he was a teenager.

Being part of the competition is paving way for him in the music industry and also providing a platform for him to show Ghanaians what he can do. His high moment was the visit to Hammer’s studio and was recording the cipher. The comments from Hammer made him felt like a super star and the directions he received from Hammer will forever be cherished by him. His lowest moment was when he failed to rap on political, afro centric, consciousness and general positivism rap. He went backstage and wept like a little boy.

Ghanaians should vote for him because his is the hottest and dopest emcee in the competition and also has a lot of content, best rhymes and lyrics that will blow the minds of Ghanaians

Come the 16th of November, the Osu oxford street will come alive as it will host these four talented underground emcees. Keep on texting for your favorite emcee by texting his name to 1758 across all networks and don’t be left out at the grand finale. Come witness the making of the next hip hop giant in GH.