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Are you a footballer with dreams of playing for the Ghana National Team or playing Abroad? Mirage FC Academy is here to make your dreams come true. The mirage sports agency has been created to give these boys the best opportunity to achieve this. Here is all you need to know about Mirage FC Academy.

CEO (Sarpong Boateng Okyere)

My name is Sarpong Boateng Okyere founder & CEO of Mirage Sports Agency and Mirage FC/Academy. MFC & M.S.A is a unique business that will allow many young players the opportunity and time to develop and give them a chance to reach that potential.

My Passion has always been in football and trying to help young people and players to reach that professional level they’ve always been dreaming off. I started all this because I use to play football when I was a young boy. I moved from Ghana to Holland(Amsterdam) at the age of 8years. Being in Holland for 4 years as a school boy I use to play for the school team and I was advised by my coach to join a local football club, so at the age of 12 I then took his advice and  the first Sunday amateur club that I joined was Fc Amstelland where I played for over 5years. In the period of those 5 years I was seen and invited by these professional clubs: StormvogelsTelstar, Fc Volendam, Fc Utrecht for trials but due to being raised up from a strong Christianity home I wasn’t allowed to play in their Saturday league matches by my parents as I was a Seventh Day Adventist so I had to be in church on that day(Saturday). So I then went back to my Sunday Amateur league where I had no problems playing matches on Sundays. I then had the biggest opportunity once again any player in my playing days and even now would be happy to get. I was seen by this gentleman that had a good relationship with Afc Ajax academy headcoach and took me into Ajax for a 6weeks trial and attended a few training session but wasn’t allowed to play games on a Saturday so I just decided to give up on football until I moved from The Netherlands(Amsterdam) to the United Kingdom(Northampton) to further my education where I joined a semi pro club(NorthamptonSpencerFC). In the United Kingdom I faced the same problems with church and education being put first in my life. I was scouted by Derby County, I went and played a match game for them against Aston Villa U18 on a Saturday without telling my parents and “Boy oo Boy”.

Coaches and Managers I have worked with and stil have contacts are as follow:

Eddie McGoldrick (Head coach of Mirage Football Academy) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_McGoldrick

Chris Cummins ( Ex-Watford Fc academy manager & currently working at Reading Football Club as (Development Coach) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Cummins_(football_coach)

Geoff Harrop (Torquay United Head Of Youth)

Mike Dove ( Milton Keynes Dons FC U18 coach)

Steve Hopcroft ( Westbrom Albion)

Suen Parrish (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC)

Phil Robinson & Dave Yates (Aston Villa Fc)etc.

If this is something you dream about then please contact us at [email protected] I look forward to seeing you all at the trials

COACH (Eddie McGoldrick)

my name is Eddie Mcgoldrick and welcome to the mirage sports agency, am a ex premiership and international footballer who had  sixteen year career with clubs such as arsenal man city crystal palace and the republic of Ireland to name but a few.

Two months ago i was approached by a Ghanaian friend of mine called Sarpong Boateng Okyere who id remained in contact with from my coaching days at Northampton town and asked would I be interested in becoming the head coach of the mirage football academy that he had set up in Accra in Ghana.

After visiting there recently for ten days and coaching the players that he had assembled I very quickly agreed to take my friend up on his offer, there is a wealth of untouched raw exceptional talent waiting to be coached by me and I have to say I have never been as excited by anything in football as this since I retired.

We are returning to Ghana next week (September 15th )where we will be setting up a full structured academy from u14s right through to u21s at every age group in between, this will give me and my coaching staff the opportunity to coach the players and prepare them for a career in England Europe or other parts of the world.

The mirage sports agency has been created to give these boys the best opportunity to achieve this and with the contacts I’ve created in my playing and more recently my coaching career. I’ve built up a database of clubs who are willing to give the players the opportunity of a trial once they are ready technically physically and mentally to meet the challenge that lies ahead.

Once they are ready the clubs that they will have chance to trial with will be Arsenal Newcastle utd, Aston villa, Leicester city, with clubs like Manchester city, Liverpool, Southampton and many more willing to give you the opportunity if deemed good enough by myself and my coaching staff.

This is an exciting and fantastic chance for the young talent in Ghanaian football to become professional footballers and have a career and life that you dreamed about and one that I through hard work and dedication was privileged to have for so long.

If this is something you dream about then please contact us at [email protected] I look forward to seeing you all at the trials soon and hope to have the  chance to coach you.

DIRECTOR (John Yeboah)

My name is John Yeboah & I’m a director of Mirage Sport Agency & MirageFC/Academy. As a company our primary objectives are to unearth naturally talented young footballers & help them develop their talents & skills. With their development we will aim to offer them the opportunities to follow their dreams of having a professional career in Europe & the rest of the world. As we’re lovers of football, the passion that we have to succeed is great.

I know how hard it is to become a professional football so the support myself & the other members of the company will offer the boys combined with the knowledge that we possess should put them in a good position for the future.

I myself used played semi-professional football and have had trials offered to me by Tottenham Hotspur and Leyton Orient in the past. A serious ankle injured prevented me from furthering my career in the USA where I had trials with LA Galaxy and Colorado Rapids planned.

If you require further information about the agency or the academy please email us [email protected]



Secretary :                   Nancy Peprah             00233246231768
Assistant Coach:         Bismark Asare             00233234509011
Dan                             Team Manager             00233243775180

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