PHOTO: 62-Year-Old Man And 72-Year-Old Woman Caught Having Séx In Public


xes_in_publicTwo senior citizens got an early Valentine’s Day present from the local cops: Tickets for indecent exposure.

Authorities say Linda Titus, 72, and Garry Wells, 62, were caught on Feb. 13 nakéd and having séx in a car parked in the lot of a local barbecue restaurant on Feb. 13.

The two allegedly showed up in separate cars at the rendezvous venue, ordered chicken and started getting intimaté in full view of other customers.

Restaurant owner Rachael Shevlin had a bone to pick with the seniors’ saucy behavior.

“It gets hot back here and it was obviously getting hot out there,” Shevlin said. “I mean, in the middle of the day too. What?”

Authorites who were called to the scene found Titus and Wells “unclothéd” and “séxually engaged” in the back seat of a car.

The two were given tickets for indecent exposure.