Photo : OMG! Naked Picture Of Tiffany Leaked

Well I don’t know what to say about this. I got this picture somewhere last week and I didn’t put it up because I didn’t want to tarnish “my girl’s” image because it could happen to any of us and more over the story behind it. This is no news as we all do it in our rooms but ours don’t get that much attention because we are nobodies. I won’t stand here and be a hypocrite and say unnecessary stuffs. It is her private life and it got leaked because she lost her phone (just as usual). I don’t really want to know what’s involved. It just don’t matter. Let’s hope people don’t hate her because of this as she’s just getting started and at the end of the day, we see boobs everyday (free show), the only difference is, this one got nipples. Lol


  1. nash says:

     i think say she da craze.cus d world is creazy

  2. lionelrichiez says:


  3. mr kera says:

    this is no news she took a photo of her naked body and so what, you think you are better , don’t forget the sex video you and you partner tape jux becos it did not leak so you think you are safe.Mtchhhhw

  4. big cash says:

    Why should any body take pictures of naked body if you are not a porn star..that’s crazy! we should all learn from this stupid act..

  5. Jonas Savimbi says:

    think she needs breast enhancements. This one make like “tatale”

  6. milla says:

    it must be removed from de net