Photo: Shark Spotted In New Jersey During Hurricane Sandy


Photo: Shark Spotted In New Jersey During Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has already brought wild winds and some heavy surf to the mid-Atlantic.And, by Monday afternoon it delivered on some truly remarkable images.

First, a shark was spotted swimming in what was the front yard of someone’s home. The high surf that had inundated some homes in Brigantine beach, NJ, also brought in sea life – including the shark.

The swimming shark photo was originally posted by Kevin P McCarty in Brigantine Beach, who has several other photos of the neighborhood .

Next, the storm’s waves caught a TV reporter by surprise. CBS News’ national correspondent Chip Reid was knocked down by a rogue wave while covering the storm from Ocean City MD.Out of nowhere, a huge wave rolled up and took out Reid and his camera man.

“Fortunately we did manage to save the camera.” Reid said.The storm also caused some spectacular images of wires sparking – showing just how dangerous live wires can be.The live electrical wires sparked in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

And, of course, none of that compared to the massive crane that was left dangling 75 stores above NYC pavement after the crane was damaged by high winds.