Photos: Ghanaian Actor, Frank Arthus Goes Nakéd In New Movie Poster  

Photos: Ghanaian Actor, Frank Arthus Goes Nakéd In New Movie Poster


In fact, African movies are becoming so dirty that people outside our continent make mockery of our film makers and actors. Because of fame and some chicken change money, actors go nude in movies without thinking of the moral effect. Very pathetic, when these movies and photos leak to the media, is either they keep longer heads with the publisher or they beg bloggers to take it offline. Indirectly, these actors are aware that their nude scenes and photos are nothing less compared to pornography scenes and images.

Just yesterday, a friend who happens to be an actress posted a poster on her blackberry dp, an upcoming movie she said from the stables of Lucky Geo Ventures titled: AGAFE. On the poster is a naked Frank Arthus (Venus film’s discovery) a Liberian born actor and a naked lady whose face remains anonymous. In a quest to find out who the lady was, my Nigerian friend denied been the actress on the poster and said it was a movie from Ghana. But our research indicates that Lucky Geo Ventures is a Nigerian Production and that Agafe’s trailer was released on Youtube on the 16th of July, 2012 which means Agafe is not a new movie as she said.

Frank n Mercy Johnson Agafe
Well, we couldn’t see our friend in the adverts but there was one Mercy Johnson in the trailer. The anonymous actress still remains a mystery but our question is do the Censorship Board watch our movies before issuing a released date and age limit? It is believe that sex posters have positive sales on movies therefore even when there’s no nude or sex scene in the movie producers deceive porn lover with such posters.

We urge all Municipal Assemblies to have a thorough look at movie posters before granting marketers and producers the permission to be pasting them in the cities because even when such movies are tagged 18+ our under aged children still sees these posters in town.