Photos : Naked Azonto Party .... Oh Emm Gee!  

Photos : Naked Azonto Party …. Oh Emm Gee!


Azonto is big, no doubt, However, inspite of the numerous advantages and gains associated with the dance, a hand full of people has taking it to the extreme. Presently, P&P has in its possession, some semi-nude pictures of an alleged “Naked Azonto party” which was allegedly held at a secret location at Ashaiman during the yuletide.

Although P&P could not independently authenticate the source of the pictures and the exact location in Ashaiman where the alleged party took place, we gathered that some young ladies and men stripped naked and semi-naked as they did the Azonto dance.

The ladies allegedly stripped leaving only their bras and panties whilst the men wore only their boxers before hitting the dance floor. Check out the pictures below. Sigh!