Photos : Ok So D'Banj's Younger Brother K-Switch Is Hating On Don Jazzy's 'Mavin Records' Calling Them 'The Avengers'

Photos : Ok So D’Banj’s Younger Brother K-Switch Is Hating On Don Jazzy’s ‘Mavin Records’ Calling Them ‘The Avengers’


As the lizard said, ‘the person throwing the stone is not as annoying as the person directing it’. Just when everything was going down and everybody moving on peacefully, D’Banj’s brother K-Switch seems adamant about it and put the below photos on his BBM calling Don Jazzy’s new label ‘Mavin Records’, The Avengers. Is it fair though? As we all know, he was part of the the Mo’Hits group. My brother think about yourself and stop hating. Check out the photos. Funny though.