In Pictures : 23 Most Arrogant Entertainment Personalities In Ghana

In Pictures : 23 Most Arrogant Entertainment Personalities In Ghana


Photos : 23 Most Arrogant Entertainment Personalities In Ghana

CAUTION : Do not take this personal for the reason that the list below perfectly fits the victims. The truth hurts but still needs to be unleashed plus i don’t mean to judge anyone. These names cataloged below are names of some highly recognized entertainment public figures in Ghana, who are widely known as arrogant and snobbish  by certain attitudes they portray on Screen, Airwaves and in person. This lists wasn’t only compiled by me but with supports from people who have had bad experiences with these personalities listed beneath.

I can’t deny, these celebs are good at what they do as far as hard work is engrossed. And IF YOU DON’T KNOW? this is an actuality, So now you know.

Grab who ranks the highest – FAIR or NOT.

23. Tinny – Musician
22. Stay Jay – Musician
21.  Edem – Musician
20. Joshua (Keche Fame) – Musician
19.  Lydia Forson – Actress
18. Martha Ankomah – Actress
17. Eddy Blay – Tv & Radio Host
16. Bullet (Ruff n Smooth) – Musician
15. Sala – Musician
14. Diamond Appiah – Musician
13. Eddy Nartey – Actor
12. Funny Face – Comedian
11.Eazzy – Musician
10. Black Rasta – Radio Host/Musician
9. Nadia Buari – Actress
8. Shirley Frimpong Manso – Movie Producer
7. D-Cryme – Musician
6. Nana Ama Mc Brown – Actress
5. K.O.D – Radio Host
4. Rashida – Tv Presenter (ETV)
3.  Yvonne Nelson – Actress
2. Coded, formerly Abortion (4X4 Fame) – Musician
1. PaPi (5Five Fame) – Musician