Rihanna Shows It All While Dining In Australia? (Photos)

Rihanna Shows It All While Dining In Australia? (Photos)

Rihanna has been known to push the envelope.

Whether it’s fashion or border-line racist comments on Twitter, she has unapologetically come into her own these last few years — while coming out of her clothes.

Fresh off the heels of a world-wind tour to promote her new film “Battleship” — during which she surprisingly showed up at the Japan premiere covered from head to toe — the “Birthday Cake” starlet decided to take it all off, almost, while dining in Sydney, Australia.

Stepping out in a beautifully elegant pewter trench-coat, red heels and lips, and apparently nothing else, Rihanna wowed “Down-Under” (pun intended). To the visible eye, she wore nothing beneath the coat, which she reportedly kept on through the entire meal.

Though opinions may vary, when a woman has to scream, “Look at me, I’m sexy!” the message received is that she feels just the opposite — or, she could just like the idea of shocking the world with her audacity, receiving exactly the space and time that has been devoted to her in the article.

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