rLG Should be Ashamed For Promoting Marijuana Smoking - Kwesi Pratt  

rLG Should be Ashamed For Promoting Marijuana Smoking – Kwesi Pratt


The Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has bombarded sponsors of the Hope City Concert, rLG communications for promoting the smoking of marijuana through Chris Brown instead of using the artiste to promoting the rLG made in Ghana products.

Ghanaian owned technological company-rLG stands out pointedly in Africa with their outstanding but cheap products and immense support for Arts & Entertainment industry in Ghana.

Despite their tremendous help to Ghana’s entertainment industry, the company’s decision to pay Chris Brown a whooping $1 million to be part of the official unveiling of the ‘Hope City Project’ which the latter failed to attend and also stage a mega concert in Accra have been enormously criticized.

Speaking on Adom FM, controversial Kwesi Pratt said, the technological company must be ashamed for bringing ‘such a person’ to the country to promote smoking.

“So they (rLG) used such an amount of money for such a person? Where are the rLG officials, are they not ashamed. There are good artiste here who can perform far better than what that guy (Chris Brown) did. They (Ghanaian artiste) don’t get any help from anyone one. So if they (rLG) have one million dollar to celebrate Ghana’s 56th Independence Day, is Chris Brown that important to celebrate the day with,” he asked.

Adding; “Where is Amakye Dede, where is Rex Omar and Amandzeba, where is Akosua Agyapong and the rest who are brilliant performers. They (rLG) can even use Akwaboa and Bob Cole (Highlife singers) and digitalize their old songs which signify our cultural history. That will rather help promote Ghana at the international level.”

Instead of promoting the rLG or throwing in a word or two about the brand, Chris Brown decided to take the piss by promoting the use of marijuana when he knows or ought to know this is an illegal substance in many countries including Ghana.
Whiles performing one of his songs, he happily asked if there were weed smokers in Ghana and proceeded to say “if anybody’s tripping on you smoking weed, f***k them”.

Kwesi Pratt however expressed dismay at Chris Brown’s performance in Ghana and described it as an insult to Ghanaians on the day of Ghana’s 56th birthday.

“They (rLG) gave Chris Brown one million dollars to come and insult Ghanaians and imposed smoking of marijuana on us and afterwards, he just left. This is a disgrace to our independence,” he added.

He further rubbished reports from Theresa Ayowade, the Executive Director of Charter House that Chris Brown smoking on stage was an “act from a song”.

“So does she (Theresa Ayowade) thinks she is saying something sensible to Ghanaians. So what she is saying, does it make sense at all or she wants us to jubilate over her reaction because she is part of the organizers? Is she saying Chris Brown acted the smoking to encourage the youth to smoke as well? Pratt quizzed Theresa.