Sex trade in Ghana - a reason to legalise it (Part 1)

Sex trade in Ghana – a reason to legalise it (Part 1)


Sex Trade In Ghana – a Reason To Legalise It (Part 1)

SEX TRADE AT ADUM-KUMASIProstitution, mostly referred to as the oldest profession on earth has taken diverse form and shape of late. It may have presented moral, social and economic problems which cannot be solved juridicially, but it is not easy to forgo it in building a community since sex is almost a basic need and not everybody is willing and ready to go through the commitment in relationships. Amsterdam’s red light district could be a clear show of what goes on outside.

New trends in Ghana is the social networks- facebook, twitter and others .Although a little chat with a couple of them revealed they are not comfortable been called ‘call girls’, it is an undisputedfact that they are prostitutes.They join various secret sex groups, make naughty friends and take up the job from there.Revealing fact was that, the basic price for a social network prostitute is GH100 although a few I approached reduced it to GH80 for a night. Seriously,making mention of the recent gay prostitution in the country would probably be a waste of time.

The streets are not left out in the capital towns of various regions in the country. Adum-Kumasi from the picture would provide you sassy Nigerian and Ghanaian in their own rooms at a centralized location just around the ASEDA HOUSE-like the acient times when they were centralized in specific places in towns.My initial approach had a GH7 damage which she later reduced to GH5. I do not know if it was coincidence but the five women I randomly visited and had chats with, were all Nigerian.

Clearly marriage materials from the outside, but are willing to take the risk of the profession and claim they were brought into the city by merchants whom they pay GH20 to everyday for room rent and support.Plaza and Airport round-about are also places my curiosity landed me at in the Garden city. Airport girls actually go home whiles most Plaza ladies just opt for the various guest houses around.