Teen Sex Business Booms in Brong Ahafo  

Teen Sex Business Booms in Brong Ahafo

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Teen Sex Business Booms in Brong Ahafo

prostitutes in nigeria

Teen Sex

Investigation conducted by this reporter points to a boom in teenage sex trade among some Senior High School girls at Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region with an attendant prevalence in the deadly HIV/AIDS among the students.

These teenagers, mostly residing in the boarding houses of their various schools, with the help of some day students, dress provocatively and parade the streets of the Municipality at night trying to woo suitors during weekends.

Males who patronise the services of these Senior High School girls are taken to hostels and apartments rented by some of these promiscuous looking girls to engage in the act. Sources tell this reporter that the offending boarders sneak out from their dormitories with some scaling school walls to engage in the practice. This reporter’s lenses traced some of these girls to various Guest Houses and night clubs where some irresponsible men engage these girls in sex.

According to a health officer in the region, who pleaded anonymity, most of the girls are between the ages of 14-21 and shockingly revealed that a recent voluntarily HIV test exercise conducted on some of these girls confirmed twenty-five (25) of them as positive.

He, however, added that all 25 were going through counseling. The officer mentioned that some of the girls during counseling confirmed that they were fond of engaging in unprotected sex stressing that they sometimes held the act with their own school mates, teachers as well as clients. Most of these girls engaged in the act for fun, due to peer peer-pressure and mostly to meet niggling financial needs.

The health concern raised serious conc erns about the lack of education on the part of the students with regards engaging in unprotected sex.

“I wonder the number of men and boys these girls have infected with the HIV virus and would encourage school authorities to put in place measures that would enable students to keep condoms on them,” he remarked.

A teacher from one of the school, Mr. Kwabena Gbontso, confirmed to this reporter that the school administration recently had a similar case of a colleague male teacher ‘bonking’ (having unprotected sex with) a form two student in his apartment. He added that some of the girls under the pretext of being ill or going home for pocket money and school fees end up in some hotel rooms and apartment of their clients who offer them meager amounts after having sex with them.

Meanwhile, sources indicate that some first year students in the municipality have been caught with packs of condoms in their possession. This reporter gathered that the culprits are severely punished by some school authorities.

Mr. Gbontso said

“it is the time that the various stakeholders responsible for education help fight against the spread of the deadly disease and take keen interest in focusing their attention on sensitizing both students and teachers on the need to keep condoms whiles in school.”