TV3 Accuses Nhyiraba Kojo Of Using Juju (Cheap Hype)

nhyiraba kojoIt’s obvious this is is one of those cheap hypes, it’s sickening when I see musicians trying to create some cheap hype for themselves using useless ways and means to get famous. I don’t know why one will crave Juju for themselves, but this is real and we get that a lot, many musicians come to us, and ask us to create a fuzz (lie) about a situation to give them attention. Sorry musicians we don’t do that here. Anyway for those who care, this is how 233Times.Com reported it,

Last week Saturday, Nhyiraba Kojo was a guest performer at ‘Ghana’s Strongest,’ a reality show which showcases the strength of contestants via weight lifting and other muscle building events. This is an event architectured by Ghana’s ‘First in News and Best in Entertainment’ Television Station, TV3.

One of the terms of the performance between Nhyiraba Kojo and TV3 was that, he would be paid after the event. Yesterday, the Manager of the Rapper cum Businessman whose name was given as Willie went to TV3 premises to take the money due his Talent from Eben aka ‘Menipa,’ the Director of ‘Ghana’s Strongest’ of which he was told that they would not give him the money because Nhyiraba Kojo does not need money for anything.

bAccording to them  (TV3 crew), Nhyiraba Kojo wears a ‘juju’ ring during all his performances. From what the TV3 crew told the Manager of Nhyiraba Kojo, the ring Nhyiraba Kojo wears during his performances spews money into his pocket of which he shares to the audience when he is on stage, something he is known for since his breakthrough into the music scene.

“We were watching the size of his pocket when he came here (TV3) before he performed and his pocket was flat. But when he jumped on stage and started performing and had his hand which had the ring into his pocket, he had a swollen pocket size and he started sharing the money to the fans. We were observing that because that is what is in the public domain and we confirmed it ourselves’ Nhyiraba Kojo’s Manager told the crew at TV3 told him these.

Efforts by the Manager of Nhyiraba Kojo to take the money due his Talent proved futile and from what gathered, Nhyiraba Kojo is angry at TV3 for such useless jive.

Contacting Nhyiraba Kojo yesterday when was tipped on this story, Nhyiraba Kojo confirmed what his Manager had gone through with “the TV3 people.” He told that he has no idea why Eben and his crew would fabricate something like that and said “I take the money I share on share from home and share them to my fans. Sometimes before I get to the venue, I go to the ATM to take money for my fans so I have no idea why they are saying the ring I wear vomits the money in my pocket.”

The Spintex based Rapper added that “I wear ring whether I am performing or not. I have more than 5 of them and they are not for any juju. I am a member of Christ Embassy so I believe in God and would not do anything that would go contrary to the word of God.”

Asking what actions he (Nhyiraba Kojo) would take on this, he said “they said they have video proof of it and they are ready to show me anytime I want to see it so I would go there to watch it and if they are not able to convince me, which they cannot, I will do my worse. But they should pay me first. ”

Nhyiraba Kojo is the composer of ‘Turn Around,’ ‘Ayalolo,’ among others.

Isn’t it obvious that it’s a cheap hype?

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